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  • Can clients buy a Report for Specific Company?

    Yes, we have a huge database of Fortune 500 companies’ Report. A detailed analysis is used by studying the company's operations; Key information, firm background, Business Description, Product Overview, in-depth SWOT analysis, market evaluation, significant strategic goals and difficulties, Key developments regional category analysis, competitive positioning and prospects are provided in the comprehensive report.

  • How are Quantitative and Qualitative Data Differentiated?

    Any information that can be counted, measured, or quantified and assigned a numerical value is referred to as quantitative data. Qualitative information is descriptive in character and communicated verbally as opposed to numerically. The foundation of quantitative research is numerical data.

  • Which Data do you prefer Quantitative or Qualitative? Why?

    The advantages of quantitative research over qualitative research include being more focused, objective, acceptable, and scientific. But when a researcher is unsure of what to expect, they turn to qualitative research. It is employed to formulate a solution or to define the issue.

  • How are Primary and Secondary Market Research differentiated?

    Primary research typically costs more, takes longer, but produces more conclusive results than secondary research. Research that has already been prepared, gathered, organized, and published by others is referred to as secondary research.

  • How to Search for a Report in the Database?

    With a vast database of reports, users can easily search for multiple reports with the help of the search icon on the top right of the screen. Also, users can visit the ‘Industries’ tab from the top of the website and precisely find the preferred report from multiple categories

  • How to Order a Report?

    To order a report from Fatpos Global, kindly place your order online or reach us at

  • How to Preview a Report before Ordering?

    Visit our report store and search for the topic, you will be re-directed to the report overview page. Also, viewer can register and request for a free sample on A free sample provides an overview of market size, share, company profiles and regional analysis.

  • What is the Timespan for requesting Revision on a Report?

    We provide the report as quickly as we can. Revisions to reports are typically sent out within 72 hours (3 business days). However, the salesperson will provide the scheduled timelines in cases with high levels of customization.

  • How to Cancel an Ordered Report, I no Longer Require?

    Fatpos Global strives to serves its customers to the best. However, cancelation is not allowed, post confirmation of an order.

  • Can clients buy a Report for Specific Sections?

    We usually do not encourage the sale of particular segments from within a study since it might not accurately convey the study's true significance or provide a comprehensive view of the market. On the basis of the client's request, certain chapters are delivered in exceptional circumstances.
    For more information, please contact our sales representative at phone: UK +44 (208) 1235555 or US +1 (716) 218-3733 or email:

  • How are the Research Reports Priced?

    Competitive pricing without compensating for quality and timeline of project delivery. Pricing does include project management and analyst support.

  • How Trustworthy is the Service Quality offered by Fatpos Global?

    This privacy policy covers the information Fatpos Global Private Limited ("Platform" and/or "We") collects from the user(s) ("User(s)" and/or "You") of ("Website"). Personal information of a User(s) is collected if the User(s) registers with the Website, accesses the Website, or takes any action on the Website.
    Providing information to us is your choice. You can choose to have the Personal Information provided by you deleted. You also have the right to access a portable copy of your information available to you at any given time which will be sent to you in a common format within 30 days of your request. You also have the right to opt-out of receiving communications from the Platform.

  • How can we get Samples of the Research Reports?

    We offer a free sample copy of the research report which provides an overview of market size, share, company profiles and regional analysis.

  • Are the Samples Available for all Markets Published by Fatpos Global?

    Yes, the sales team will share a sample copy of the study with you post receiving a query. Moreover, in case of an upcoming study, a demo sample will be provided. The sample copy is designed to provide an overview of the report format & sample market information for pre-purchase data validation.

  • What will be the Delivery Timeline and Price of the Customized Report?

    The price and timeline of a customized report will be shared with you by the sales representative, post finalizing the list of deliverables. Kindly, contact the sales team for more information at

  • How often are the Research Reports revised?

    Research studies or reports are updated once in 6 months or a year depending on the traction & need. Please contact our sales team to inquire about a report update status.

  • How are the Discounts available for Global Reports and Customized Reports?

    We want to support students, academicians, NGOs, and startups with their research & consulting needs. In order to do so, we have designed a special pricing policy based on discounts and payment plans. Please contact our sales representative at email: to gain access to our special pricing.

  • What to do in case I have more questions on the report or customization requirements?

    Syndicated studies are prepared to cater to a large audience. However, in case you are looking for specific customizations or have more questions about the report, please feel free to drop us a query by filling in the form available adjacent to the report description page. Also, you may contact us at email:

  • What is the expected format of the Report or the Deliverable?

    The reports are delivered in E-PDF & Excel Data Pack, formats. Moreover, PPT formats are delivered to clients, on special requests.

  • What if the desired report is not available in the database of Fatpos Global?

    Fatpos Global holds a huge database and not all of the reports and market updates are uploaded as separate studies. If you can't find what you're looking for, please get in touch with the sales team (via phone or email) and ask them to organize a conversation with an analyst to go over your needs.

  • How will I receive the report?

    You will receive the report electronically at the registered email address in PDF format. Please whitelist our domain,, to guarantee that our emails get in your inbox. Any email you receive from Fatpos Global that you receive can also be marked as "not spam."

  • What are the available methods to place an order?

    If you are placing an order on a company’s behalf, you should be authorized to make the purchase decision. You can place your order using the following channels:
    For more information, please contact our sales representative at phone: UK +44 (208) 1235555 or US +1 (716) 218-3733.
    Questions and requests can be sent to Don't forget to include all of your information, including your preferred method of payment and the addresses for your billing and delivery. Within one working day, one of our professionals will get in touch with you.

  • Can segments or chapters be purchased from a single study?

    We generally do not promote the sale of separate or individual segments from within a study, as it might fail to relay the actual meaning of the study or provide a holistic picture of the market. However, in special cases, selected chapters are provided based on the client’s requirement.
    For more information, please contact our sales representative at phone: UK +44 (208) 1235555 or US +1 (716) 218-3733 or email:

  • How to be assured that Fatpos Global team has understood all expectations?

    Your message on customization (sent by mail or via a telephone conversation) will be passed on to the research team. The research team post feasibility will design a consumer-centric study keeping in mind the requirements stated by you. Moreover, the research team may also request for a telephonic conference with you to discuss customization requirements and propose viable solutions.

  • What are the User (Single, Multiple, Corporate) Licenses?

    Product licenses are designed to regulate readership and distribution rights. A "Single User License" purchase gives one individual exclusive access to a particular report; it cannot be distributed to other employees of the same firm.
    When a "Multi User License" is purchased, only two to five people from the same department and business are allowed access to a particular report.
    When a " Corporate-License" is purchased, all employees of the company get access to a certain report. This includes affiliate firms or firms that are a part of a group.

  • What Payment Types are Accepted?

    • Credit card: VISA, American Express, Mastercard, or
    • You can download an invoice to pay by wire transfer, check, or via a Purchase Order from your company, or
    • You can pay via a Check made out in US Dollars, Euros, or British Pounds for the full amount made payable to Fatpos Global.
    • PayPal Transfer

  • Is it Safe to Order Online Reports?

    Yes, it is absolutely secure to place your order online and purchase report online.

  • Is the Invoice Received for the Purchase made?

    Immediately following the purchase, you will receive an electronic invoice for your purchase. Pro-forma invoices are another service that Fatpos Global offers its customers to help them make purchasing decisions. Please email our sales staff at with any more questions.

  • What are the Terms for the payment?

    Once made, payments are not returnable. This is a common business and industry practice. Since the use of our studies or products is predicated on the idea of information transmission, after the client has read the study, a refund cannot be given. Fatpos Global offers all of its clients thorough and open pre-purchase facilities in an effort to prevent such occurrences.

  • Does Post-Sale Customization Requirements, need Payment?

    We provide a free 10% customization on the syndicated report to our clients. We ask that you communicate your needs to our sales staff if you haven't already used this service as a pre-sale facility. The research team will provide the scope of the post-sale customization, the price (if applicable), and the timing after determining the viability.

  • How to contact Fatpos Global?

    Fatpos Global can be reached at:

  • Can the Analyst be Contacted about the Report Purchased?

    Customers can contact our sales representative by phone at UK +44 (208) 1235555 or US +1 (716) 218-3733 in the US, or by email at Following an understanding of the requirements, the sales team will oversee the scope and an analyst could be assigned.