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This privacy statement applies to information that Fatpos Global Private Limited ("Platform" and/or "We") obtains from users of the website ("Website"). If a user register with the website, accesses the website, or takes any other action on the website, personal information about that User is gathered.

Our Privacy Principles:

Providing information to us is your choice. You can choose to have the Personal Information provided by you deleted. Likewise, you are also eligible for a portable copy of your information that is always at your disposal, and that will be supplied to you in a standard format within 30 days of your request. Moreover, you are free to choose not to receive communications from the platform.

  • Preparation For GDPR:

    In our company, we have already put in place a consistent data security and protection system.

  • Our preparation includes:
    Information Audit:
  • Executing a data/information audit to identify and survey the specific data we possess, the source of information, how it is processed, stored, and, if revealed, to whom and why.

  • Policies & Procedures:
  • Application of new data protection policies to comply with GDPR standards and applicable data protection legislation, which includes:

  • Data Protection:
  • Our predefined methodology record for protecting personal information or data has been created to comply with GDPR criteria. To ensure that we understand and can demonstrate our commitments and obligations, responsibility and administration measures are put in place, with a particular focus on protection by plan and human rights.

  • Data Retention & Erasure:
  • We are currently updating our retention policy and the timeline for adhering to the "data minimization" and "storage limitation" principles and ensuring that personal information is saved, archived and destroyed in a compliant and morally correct manner. In order to comply with the "Right to Erasing" obligation, we are actively striving to establish specific erasure procedures. We also know when the rights apply, including exceptions, response times, and notification obligations.

  • Data Breaches:
  • The breach procedures we have adopted recognize, survey, research, and report any individual information break within 72 hours of being mindful of the breach. To ensure that every employee is informed of the required safety measures to take in the event of a violation, our comprehensive protocols have been disseminated to all our staff members.

  • International Data Transfers & Third-Party Disclosures:
  • Fatpos Global Private Limited is currently developing strategies and protective measures to secure encryption and ensure data integrity. Our techniques will include an ongoing assessment of the countries with sufficient options for ampleness and plans for binding corporate norms, standard information security statements, or acknowledged implicit rules for the countries without. We will conduct thorough audits of all recipients of personal information to ensure they have adequate safeguards to protect the data, guarantee enforceable data subject rights, and have suitable legal remedies available for information subjects.

  • Data Subject Access Request (DSAR)
  • In order to accommodate a 30-day deadline for providing the needed information, the company is continuously revising its DSAR procedures. The revised corporate policies outline the numerous phases for handling contact requests, together with all the exemptions and sample responses to show that compliant, trustworthy, and good conversations have been had with the data subjects.

  • Legal Basis for Processing
  • To establish a suitable foundation for each associated system, the company is working on its whole legal framework. Furthermore, we are keeping track of all data processing actions to guarantee that we conform with Article 30 of the GDPR and Schedule 1 of the Data Protection Act.
What we collect:

    The information you provide us or could give us would be the following:

  • Your registration information, including your unique username and account password. You're shipping and payment information, as well as any other details relating to purchases you make on the website or details that could be needed for billing purposes, are all included.

  • Any information about transactions with other website users and how you use the site.

  • Information about your visits to websites, information obtained through cookies and other tracking technologies, such as your IP address, domain name, browser version, operating system, traffic information, location information, weblogs, and other communication information, and the resources you access, are just a few examples.

  • Correspondence information in case you have a communication with us over the phone or through the mail.

  • We may ask you to participate in one of our surveys, in which case we will utilize the survey information for research.

  • In the course of conducting business and offering services to clients, we may gather personal information from them.

  • Any specific personal information that we may need to gather for commercial or regulatory purposes will have the option to have consent granted.
Why are we collecting the information:

Our main goal in collecting your data is to help you make the most of the services and features the website offers by presenting you with options we think you'll find valuable based on the information that reveals your preferences. In order to better serve our clients, we collect information. Suppose you are interested in any services offered by the platform, its affiliates, its different service providers, platform business partners, or platform advertising. In that case, we may use the information to get in touch with you. Your information may be requested so that it can be recorded in accordance with applicable laws, statutory requirements, or court orders. Additionally, information may be gathered for additional purposes described in the privacy statement, from which you may choose to refrain, such as providing you with various promotional and advertising materials.

How would we use it:

We might use the data to send you transactional emails, information on goods and services, occasional promotional offers related to the platform, direct marketing, online and offline advertisements, and other materials. All Website users may provide us with information so that we can keep tabs on their preferences and behavior for internal analytics. In order to better serve our consumers, the information gathered might be utilized to update our website.

How we collect information:

Cookies and web beacons may be used to gather and analyze technical data from the server log files and other tracking technologies used in this process. In an effort to give you a better experience on our website, we may aggregate information collected from other Users with information collected from you, other information, and information collected via tracking technology.

User Right to Opt Out:

You have the right to ask that our communications be changed so that they are more in line with your requirements in accordance with our privacy policy. You also have the choice to completely remove your information from our database by choosing to Opt Out. This would take place within two weeks of your request, but you might still get notifications while your data removal procedure is taking place. You can always contact us with a request to have the Personal Information you've given us removed by sending an email to the Customer Services department's email address, which is listed at the bottom of the website. You should be aware that removing certain Personal Information from the website could result in the termination of your account and your inability to use specific website services.

Third Party Websites and Services:

The information you provide us may be shared with third parties if it is generic in content. No personal or sensitive information will be shared without your explicit consent. On our website, links to services provided by third parties may be found. We aren't usually the ones that handle the information displayed or how you interact with a third-party website. The policies of each website apply when visiting and using a third-party website, and the content on those websites is subject to change.

Compliance with Laws and Law Enforcement:

In order to enforce and abide by the law, the platform works with required governmental and law enforcement agencies as well as any third parties as directed by a court order. Any information about You that we, in our sole discretion, deem necessary or appropriate to respond to claims and legal process, to protect the assets and rights of the platform or a third party, to ensure the safety of the general public or any person, or to prevent or stop any illegal, unethical, or legally actionable activity, will be disclosed to government or law enforcement officials or private parties. The platform might also provide your personal information to different tax authorities in response to their claims or requests.

Business Transfers:

Your Personal Information may be sold, transferred, or otherwise shared by the website as part of a merger, acquisition, reorganization, or sale of assets or in the case of bankruptcy. If such a sale or transfer occurs, we will make sure that the transferee stores and uses the personal data you have submitted through the website in accordance with this Privacy Policy and that you are promptly informed of any such occurrences.

Grounds for Usage of Personal Information:
  • While we promise to never use your personal information for any operations without your explicit consent, we do list some particular situations in which we might be forced to disclose, export, or use your personal information for business processes:

  • Consent: When you have agreed to let us use your information in this way (you will have been presented with a consent form concerning any such use).
  • Contract performance: When we need your information to enter into or carry out our agreement with you.
  • Legal obligation: When we must use your information to uphold our legal commitments.
  • Legitimate interests: When we have a legitimate interest in using your data and our reasons for doing so, and when such interests, rights, and freedoms are not jeopardized in any way.
  • Legal claims: Where your information is required for us to defend, pursue, or make a claim against you, us, or a third party.
Sharing of Information:

We never exchange, sell, or export client information unless the customer authorizes it. With our business partners and affiliates, we may share general information that is unrelated to personal identity. To carry out operations on our behalf or improve the services we provide to you, we may use third-party services.

Cookies Policy

A cookie is a data packet that an Internet server sends to a browser, and that browser returns each time the browser reaches the same server later. Cookies are used to identify users or track their use of servers. For information gathering and archiving, the website uses web beacons and cookies. You accept and agree that you are cool with the website using cookies for the purposes described in the privacy policy.


Identity theft and the practice of "phishing" are of great concern to the platform. Our first aim is to keep your information secure to prevent identity theft. In a non-secure or unsolicited email or telephone communication, we never have and never will ask for your credit card information or national identity numbers.

Changes to Privacy Policy:

We reserve the right to modify our privacy statement at any moment to serve our clients better and ensure that client data is protected using the best available procedures in compliance with frequently changing industry standards. To ensure that our clients are aware of our data collection and security policy, we will issue a notification on our website whenever we make such a change. Thus, we advise our users to check this website page frequently. By using this website, you acknowledge that it is your responsibility to learn about the privacy statement and any updates to make you aware of the changes.

You’re Rights:

    As per our privacy policy, our customers providing us with their data have the following rights at their disposal:

  • Request a portable copy of their data in a standard format at any time, which will be sent within 30 days of the request
  • Right to request that your information be destroyed and to opt-out of receiving communications from the organization
  • Right to information disclosure regarding the handling of your data
  • Right to restrict how we use your information when a complaint is being investigated
  • Your use of these rights is exempt from consideration for higher priorities, such as preserving the public interest by stopping a criminal activity or preserving our interest by preserving legal privilege, among others. We will verify your eligibility if you use any of these rights, and we'll get back to you within a month
  • You have the right to file a complaint with your nation's relevant data protection authority if you are dissatisfied with how we use your personal information or how we handle any exercise of your rights.
Contact Information:

If you want to remove your information from our database or if you have any questions about our policies, or our practices related to our website, you can contact us at the following:


Using this website, you acknowledge our terms and privacy policy and confirm that you have read, understood, and accepted them. You also agree to allow us to collect, handle, and export data in accordance with the aforementioned privacy policy.